April Bute, RN

Read her nomination story:

I was in your hospital for several days and had the opportunity to be cared for by a variety of nurses and assistants.  Every one of them was excellent, which means I am pointing out April as being exceptional in a group of excellent. 

She was incredibly upbeat and happy, she was concerned, responsive, intelligent and caring. She exuded and amazing level of competence which established an extremely high level of trust that I did not feel from some of the nurses or even a few of the doctors.

April was genuinely interested in me and my situation. She was careful to explain every step of my process and condition and was equally firm when I was having difficulty following orders from the doctor to a “T”. 

She is so outstanding of a person I would think of her as friend, fully knowing she gives the exact level of care, kindness and humor to each and every one of her “friends”.