EvergreenHealth Media Highlights - COVID-19

Thank you to our local and national media partners for sharing our story as we continue to navigate these evolving circumstances locally and nationally.

March 27 – The New York Times: On the Front Lines of a Pandemic, ‘I Love You’ Can Mean ‘Goodbye’

Separated from family and worried about patients and colleagues, James Kuo, a hospitalist physician at EvergreenHealth where the U.S. outbreak began, counts losses and blessings.

March 24 – KUOW: Why so hard to be tested for coronavirus? Not enough swabs and confusing government guidelines

Dr. Aileen Mickey, chief medical officer at EvergreenHealth, said her hospital has been able to keep up with demand for tests and, for now, is able to ramp up supplies as the number of cases rises. “At some point, though, the limiting factor will be the test kits, the number of swabs we have and the ability of the lab to be able to perform the tests,” she said.

March 22 – The Everett Herald: Hospitals prepare for a surge of COVID-19 patients

At EvergreenHealth Monroe, staff moved quickly following an outbreak at another Evergreen facility in Kirkland to create negative pressure rooms at the 31-bed hospital. They had two, now have six, including the hospital’s four-bed ICU, and in the next week will have the fans and special air filters to add four more. Much of Evergreen’s staff is being cross-trained to take on additional duties, Dr. Midori Larrabee, the Monroe hospital’s chief medical and quality officer said.

March 22 – The New York Times: COVID-19 Lung Patterns Show Few Clues for Treating Pneumonia
The sickest patients can deteriorate rapidly, something a hospital in Kirkland, Washington, witnessed. Of 21 patients who needed critical care at Evergreen Hospital, 17 were moved into the ICU without 24 hours of hospital admission, doctors reported last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

March 20 – NPR: Seattle Hospitals Brace For Wave Of COVID-19 Patients
We’re still at the “empty tent stage” of this crisis. At EvergreenHealth, nurse Barbara Jensen shows off the blue tent that they’ve pitched outside of the Emergency Department entrance.

March 16 – The Washington Post: Inside a hospital on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak  

EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland, Wash. has seen more than 100 cases of COVID-19 in the weeks since coronavirus began to spread through a nursing home outside Seattle. Their ICU director explains how they are working to save lives and contain the virus.

March 13 – KIRO-TV: Contents of a COVID-19 test kit

We got our first up-close look tonight at a COVID-19 test kit at EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland. Each kit contains instructions, protective gloves, a swab that’s used to collect a sample from the patient, and a vial to store the swab and specimen. EvergreenHealth admits it’s still having trouble getting the volume of kits they anticipate they will actually need in the coming days and weeks.

March 11 – New York Times:  A ‘New Normal’ For Hospitals on the Front Lines Fighting Coronavirus 

Unlike at any other hospital in the United States, the staff members at the hospital in Kirkland, Wash., have faced the brunt of the rapidly escalating coronavirus outbreak.

March 10 – Seattle Times:  Inside a Seattle-area hospital on the front lines of the nation’s first major coronavirus outbreak 

The staff had been watching as tragedy unfolded in Wuhan, China.

An EvergreenHealth nurse regularly checked the CDC website. When the CDC changed its testing criteria on Feb. 27 to allow for the testing of severe pneumonia — even without travel to China — they sent two samples in immediately.

March 7 – KIRO-TV:  Congresswoman Suzan DelBene at Evergreen Health, speaks out about staff and patients 

March 6 – NPR:  U.S. Hospitals Prepare For A COVID-19 Wave 

Since EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland identified the country's first fatal case of COVID-19 last Friday, it's borne the brunt of the most serious cases — and most of the country's deaths. Many stem from the outbreak at the nearby Life Care nursing facility.

One week later, the hospital has made plans to house even more of the patients, by taking steps such as converting more sections of its buildings into "negative pressure wards," in which HVAC systems keep germs from spreading. Still, they're feeling the strain.

March 6 – NPR:  U.S. Hospitals Fear Coronavirus Crunch 

As the virus spreads, a major concern is hospital capacity. Thousands of people have had to wait for hospital beds overseas. The question now is, will there be a similar crunch here in the U.S.? NPR's Martin Kaste reports from Seattle, Wash.

March 6 – KIRO-TV:  Hospital CEO talks about response 

EvergreenHealth CEO, Dr. Jeff Tomlin, talks about COVID-19 response.

March 6 – KING-TV:  Front Lines of Coronavirus Fight  

EvergreenHealth CEO, Dr. Jeff Tomlin, talks about COVID-19 response.

March 6 – New York Post:  US coronavirus death toll rises to 14, most cases in Washington   

The coronavirus death toll in the United States jumped to 14 on Friday — with all but one case in Washington state, according to reports.

Two more people have died from the bug at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, hospital CEO Jeff Tomlin confirmed to local outlet KING 5.

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