Community Service Award

Since 1998, EvergreenHealth's Board of Commissioners has annually recognized local individuals or organizations who have had a profound impact on enhancing the community's health with its annual Community Service Award. Honorees have included dedicated volunteers, health care activists and physicians.

Image of the Halvorson family, winners of EvergreenHealth's 2017 Community Service Award.

The Elling and Barbara Halvorson family is the recipient of the EvergreenHealth 2017 Community Service Award in recognition of their profound impact on enhancing the health and well-being of those served by EvergreenHealth.

The Halvorsons are enthusiastic supporters of the EvergreenHealth Foundation and their contributions have supported funding for several significant projects, including the construction of EvergreenHealth’s nondenominational chapel, the Booth Gardner Parkinson’s Center and, most notably, development of the health system’s cancer center, which bears their name.

Past Community Service Award Winners

2017 - Elling and Barbara Halvorson Family
- August "Auggie" Kempf
- J. Patrick Heffron, MD; Charles Heffron, MD; Terrence Pfeifer, MD
- Donald C. "Chuck" Brockway
- Francis Riedo, MD
2012 - Teddy Overlease
2011 - no award
2010 - Shirley and Bob Ferguson
2009 - Steve Brown
2008 - Evelyn Driscoll
2007 - John Nipper
2006 - Dr. Mike Metke, PhD
2005 - Charles Pilcher, MD
2004 - The DeYoung Family; Stephen Knoff, DDS
2003 - Mitch Weinberg, MD; Marianne LoGerfo
2002 - Rev. LeRoy Anenson; Eleanor Wallis
2001 - Chuck Morgan
2000 - Concerned Citizens of Duvall; Phil Carter
1999 - King County Department of Health; EvergreenHealth Foundation
1998 - John Barnett; Michael Krebs, MD; Northshore School District