Clinical Trial Patient Information

What is the Consent Process Like?

You will be given plenty of information about the study, including the Informed Consent Form which will outline the trial, any risks and benefits, and what parts of the trial are considered experimental.  You will take this informed consent document home with you and consider the study for at least 24 hours before we call you again to screen for a trial.

We'll discuss any available alternative treatments outside the scope of the clinical trial that will be advantageous.

You will be informed of how we keep your medical information confidential.

When participating in clinical trials at EvergreenHealth, it is most important to know that participation is entirely voluntary. This means that at any time you are able to:

  • disclose to your doctor that you’re not interested in the trial
  • withdraw from the study at any time, without a penalty or loss of benefits to which you are entitled

In other words, the choice to participate on a trial is yours.

What will my research experience be like at EvergreenHealth? 

Here's what you can expect if your EvergreenHealth physician refers you to a clinical trial:

During the clinical trial, you may have additional lab tests, physical exams or procedures than you would normally receive for your care; this additional work is done to keep track of your progress on the trial. If these items are beyond the scope of your regularly scheduled care, we will seek payment from the research sponsor so you are not charged a fee.

Clinical trial medications may be involved, depending on the study. If during the course of the trial the study doctor determines that your risk of participating outweighs the benefit of being on the trial, they may choose to terminate your participate. This is done to ensure the highest patient safety standards.

We understand participating in clinical trials requires time and effort on your end, so we work with each research sponsor to provide a small stipend to pay for incidental costs you may incur. Stipends are not guaranteed and are variable on each study.