Choosing a Provider

Childbirth is a very special time, so it's important that the chemistry is right between you and your care provider.

Whether you're beginning to ponder parenthood or have just discovered you're expecting, we can help you with this important decision.

EvergreenHealth has long been a pioneer when it comes to offering women choices in childbirth, and we’re proud to offer you both OB/GYN and midwifery options.

The six practices affiliated with the Family Maternity Center all share our commitment to quality, family-centered maternity care.

They will be your partner through these magical months, listening to what you desire for your birth experience and working together with you to make it happen.

Find a Provider

To find a provider, you can visit the websites of our affiliated maternity practices:

You can also call the EvergreenHealth Nurse Navigator & Healthline at 425.899.3000 for a free referral.

Questions to Ask

To help you select a provider, our Family Maternity Center experts suggest these open-ended questions to get the most informative answers about a provider's philosophy.

Our experts also advise that you make your choice more about philosophy of care than about gender. There are a lot of wonderful providers – both male and female.

Questions about Qualifications

  • Are you board certified or credentialed?
  • How long have you been in practice?
  • How many babies do you deliver in a month?

Questions about Routine Practices

  • What are your fees for office visits and delivery?
  • What are your views on weight gain, nutrition and exercise during pregnancy?
  • What prenatal tests do you do routinely, and why?
  • What kinds of procedures do you routinely order for women in labor (IV's, medications, etc.)?
  • What percentage of your patients are induced, and what are the main reasons?
  • What percentage of your patients are delivered by C-section?

Questions about Accessibility

  • What is the scheduled length of your office visits?
  • To whom should I address questions between office visits?
  • At what point during my labor will you arrive?
  • How likely is it that you will be there for my birth? May I meet the others who may be there if you're not?

Questions about Harmony

  • What is your philosophy about childbearing and birth?
  • What role do your patients play in making decisions about their own care?