Carotid Endarterectomy

To prevent a stroke in patients with narrowed carotid arteries.

ESC-carotid-endartectomy-artery.jpgPreoperative Evaluation:
First, your doctor performs a complete history and physical exam, then the degree of narrowing in the carotid arteries is determined using an ultrasound test (Carotid duplex) . A carotid arteriogram may be ordered to further define the anatomy in some patients. An arteriogram is a dye test much like a cardiac catheterization. However, during a carotid angiogram the dye is injected into the neck arteries instead of the heart vessels.


The carotid artery is exposed through an incision on the side of the neck. The artery is clamped above and below where the narrowing is located. The flow of blood to the brain is maintained with the use of a specialized shunt (tube) that carries blood to the brain during the procedure. The diseased material narrowing the artery is removed. The artery is then sewn closed.  

Length of Stay: Overnight

Recovery: 1-2 Weeks with no driving for the first two weeks after surgery.