Spiritual Care and Chapel

The Spiritual Care Department provides emotional and spiritual support to patients, family members and staff in times of need in both the hospital and hospice setting.

Consider us a place of compassionate listening during times of illness, injury, crisis or the loss of a loved one.

Spiritual Care also offers a range of different faith traditions and spiritual practices represented by our chaplains and bereavement counselors, with access to many resources within the faith community.

Chaplain (available 24/7)

  • During normal business hours, call the Spiritual Care office at 425.899.1046.
  • After hours, call the hospital operator at 426.899.1000 and ask them to page the on-call chaplain. 

EvergreenHealth Chapel 

The EvergreenHealth chapel provides a soothing, welcoming place for patients and family members.

The chapel is open around the clock, and is located in the first-floor lobby of the Silver zone near the top of the escalators.

Guests are welcome to leave prayer requests in the Prayer Request Book In the back of the chapel. These prayers are read daily by the hospital chaplains. 

Community Faith Programs

We are available for presentations and workshops on a variety of topics to the faith community.