Hand & Finger Fractures

This condition is a fracture, or break, of one or more of the metacarpal bones of the hand.

The fracture may be nondisplaced, in which the bones remain aligned, or displaced, in which the fractured ends shift out of alignment.

Without proper treatment, the bones may not heal correctly.

This can result in improper alignment of the fingers, leading to poor hand function.

If you've fractured a finger, you've broken one or more of the finger bones we call "phalanges."

Each individual bone is called a "phalanx." You've got three in each finger, and two in each thumb.

They are supported by a network of soft tissues that can also be damaged during a fracture.

This procedure uses pins, screws or metal plates to repair broken bones in the fingers.

The actual fixation method will depend on the location and pattern of the break.

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