Breast Services

Our expert providers use innovative technology and compassionate care to partner with you on your breast health, and empower you along the way. Call our office today at 425.899.5500; we would be happy to discuss treatment options with you.

Breast problems are usually diagnosed after a patient history and physical examination by one of our experienced breast surgeons. Mammograms and ultrasounds are valuable aids in the diagnosis of breast problems. Routine mammograms are recommended every four years to screen all women over the age of 50 because some breast abnormalities cannot be felt. When further diagnostic methods are needed, our surgeons have many techniques available, including a breast ultrasound unit.

Non-Surgical Biopsies

We offer a variety of breast biopsy procedures to help determine the diagnosis, including several Non-Surgical Biopsy Techniques:

All three techniques are outpatient procedures and can be done quickly. Afterward, patients can resume normal activities immediately.

Surgical Biopsies

Occasionally, surgical biopsies are required and incisions are made on the breast. These biopsy techniques include wire localized biopsies that are particularly useful when mammograms discover microscopic calcium deposits. These surgical biopsies are usually performed with local anesthetic or sedation. Occasionally, general anesthesia is used, but the surgery remains an outpatient procedure.

If breast cancer is diagnosed, various therapeutic procedures and treatment plans are available. Some treatments start with surgery or chemotherapy. Our breast surgeons are part of a breast cancer treatment team that meets regularly to determine the best treatment plan for each person. This team concept ensures that the latest and most effective therapies are available to you.