Breast MRI

Image of a breast using 3-D imaging technology at EvergreenHealth Breast Center in Kirkland, WA.Breast MRI provides valuable information for diagnosing a broad range of conditions - including detecting and staging breast cancer - that might not be seen with other imaging methods such as mammography, ultrasound or CT scans.

EvergreenHealth's breast MRI can produce up to 3,000 images in one screening; special CADstream software takes the images and translates them into an easily readable photo on a computer. The photo can be enlarged and rotated.  It's accuracy is unmatched, and it significantly reduces the number of false positive diagnosis.

Used in concert with mammography, breast MRI is proven to be useful in evaluating women at high risk for breast cancer.

Breast MRI can successfully image the dense breast common in younger women, as well as breast implants, both of which are difficult to image using traditional mammography.