Breast Cancer - Landing Page

You've just received a diagnosis that seems unimaginable. Four words that you are never prepared to hear. You have breast cancer. And suddenly, you are quite literally in a fight for your life.

You have a thousand questions. You have a million fears.

But you also have the strongest ally ready to take up your battle with you, and guide you through the best care for you: EvergreenHealth's Halvorson Cancer Center and its powerful partnership with Seattle Care Cancer Alliance (SCCA).

It's a partnership that gives you:

  • access to the most advanced treatments and therapies
  • the best doctors
  • the newest innovative technologies
  • a team that collaborates weekly on your specific cancer pathway
  • one-of-a-kind SCCA clinical trials without having to drive into Seattle
  • a comprehensive program that guides you from one step to the next, with an experienced breast cancer navigator who will be your partner and advocate through your treatment and beyond

In addition, our warm and comforting environment is designed to ease anxiety and make you and your family feel at home, all to help promote healing - and hope.

Best of all, it's all under one roof at EvergreenHealth's Halvorson Cancer Center, and it's all conveniently close to home.

What does that mean for you?

It means you can focus on "you". You don't have to make dozens of phone calls to line up care, or worry about traveling to different offices and facilities for appointments, tests and treatments.

Your team, all in one place, can meet regularly to go over every aspect of your care, so the best minds can easily come together on a plan that offers you the best chance for survival.

EvergreenHealth beats national breast cancer survival rates




Patients diagnosed in early stages



Five-year survival rate *



No recurrence after 12 years



The best doctors – fighting for you

Our breast cancer team has studied under some of the best cancer doctors in the world, and continues to share expertise with other top breast cancer experts. This means they'll provide you with the best, evidence-based treatments for your breast cancer.

We are proud that our physicians have been recognized locally, statewide and nationally for their expertise, innovation and compassion.

Their great teamwork, combined with top-of-the-line treatments, saves lives.

Your breast cancer is unique

Breast cancer, more than any other tumor, is very individual. We suggest that you use caution when reading blogs or comparing notes with a friend who's had breast cancer and was treated elsewhere. It's never an apples-to-apples comparison; even if you both have one lymph node involved it still could be two totally different biologies.

Your journey begins here

If you decide on treatment at EvergreenHealth's Halvorson Cancer Center, your first step will be meeting with your breast cancer nurse navigator. She will be your partner through treatment and aftercare. 

Continue on to the breast cancer nurse navigator page.