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MEDIA | Q13-TV: Nurse supports her own grandfather through COVID-19 treatment 04/25/2020
MEDIA | KIRO - Radio: Being prepared for COVID-19 is now ‘part of daily life’ at EvergreenHealth 04/23/2020
MEDIA | Kirkland Reporter: Chinese Community Alliance donates to EvergreenHealth Foundation to support COVID-19 efforts 04/22/2020
MEDIA | PBS FRONTLINE: Coronavirus Pandemic 04/21/2020
MEDIA | The Seattle Times: Pregnant during a pandemic: Seattleites share their concerns about birth, delivery and beyond 04/19/2020
MEDIA | KIRO-TV: First responders thank nurses and doctors - Archived 04/16/2020
Chinese Community Alliance Gifts EvergreenHealth Foundation to Support COVID-19 Efforts 04/15/2020
MEDIA | KUOW: With family visits on hold, Washington hospitals strain to comfort sickest patients 04/14/2020
MEDIA | Los Angeles Times: Seattle may be through the worst of coronavirus, but the stunned city is not celebrating 04/14/2020
MEDIA | KUOW: This Kirkland ER doctor survived Covid-19 — just barely 04/13/2020
MEDIA | Los Angeles Times: Emergency room doctor, near death with coronavirus, saved with experimental treatment 04/13/2020
MEDIA | The New York Time: Voices of the Pandemic 04/13/2020
MEDIA | The New York Times: He Was a Doctor Who Never Got Sick. Then the Coronavirus Nearly Killed Him. 04/13/2020
MEDIA | The Seattle Times: EvergreenHealth doctor opens up about ‘brush with death,’ recovery after COVID-19 04/13/2020
MEDIA | KOMO-TV: Experimental drug helps doctor recover 04/09/2020
MEDIA | The Wall Street Journal: In Washington, Why the Predicted Coronavirus Surge Hasn’t Hit 04/09/2020
MEDIA | KIRO-TV: Couple in their 70s recovers from COVID after being part of clinical trial 04/08/2020
MEDIA | The Seattle Times: Delayed coronavirus test results strain Washington’s resources and leave patients in limbo 04/08/2020
MEDIA | The BMJ: Seattle’s covid-19 lessons are yielding hope 04/06/2020
MEDIA | The Seattle Times: Ailing Everett couple gambles on drug trial for COVID-19 cure 04/05/2020