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Drs. Jennifer Heydt and William G. Young Join EvergreenHealth Ear, Nose & Throat Care 09/13/2018
Dr. Joel Weber Joins EvergreenHealth Orthopedic & Sports Care, Monroe 08/22/2018
EvergreenHealth Welcomes Urologist Nathan Osbun, MD 08/15/2018
Cardiologist Dr. Kaushik K. Jain Joins EvergreenHealth Heart Care 08/10/2018
EvergreenHealth Recognized as Top Community Hospital 08/06/2018
EvergreenHealth Nurses Honored with Excellence Awards for Exceptional Service 08/01/2018
EvergreenHealth Signature Care Welcomes Dr. Venuka Wickramaarachchi (“Dr. Wick”) 07/31/2018
EvergreenHealth Primary Care to Open in Mill Creek; Existing urgent care location expands with the addition of two new primary care providers 07/25/2018
Dr. Alli Seale Joins EvergreenHealth Primary Care, Monroe 07/23/2018
LifeNet Health Recognizes EvergreenHealth with Circle of Life Tissue Donation Award 07/23/2018
EvergreenHealth Primary Care, Woodinville Welcomes Dr. Subathra Selvaraj 07/18/2018
EvergreenHealth Announces Appointment of New Chief Executive Officer, Amy E. Beiter, MD 07/16/2018
EvergreenHealth Heart Care Welcomes Dr. Ali Sharifian 07/16/2018
EvergreenHealth Celebrates Q2 2018 DAISY Award Winners 07/11/2018
EvergreenHealth Primary Care, Lakeshore Bothell Fully Reopens to Patients 06/27/2018
MEDIA | Meet the Pez Lady of EvergreenHealth Medical Center; Dispensing a Fun, Calming Distraction 06/21/2018
American Stroke Association Awards EvergreenHealth for Excellence in Stroke Care for Fourth Year in Row 06/18/2018
EvergreenHealth Adds New Features to Online Patient Portal, Making Sign Up Easier and Enhancing User Experience 06/14/2018
Washington Health Alliance Recognizes EvergreenHealth for Remarkable Quality, Patient Experience and Price 06/10/2018
EvergreenHealth Begins Construction of New Cardiac Catheterization and Interventional Radiology Suite 06/07/2018