MEDIA | USA Today: We're heroes, too:' Hospital janitors risk lives to stop spread of COVID-19

In Kirkland, Washington, where the nation's first coronavirus outbreak was reported at a local nursing home, patients were hospitalized at EvergreenHealth, where Warren Juvle, an environmental service day shift supervisor, has worked since 2013. When the first coronavirus patients arrived, along with stories of how contagious and deadly the virus was, Juvle knew he had to set an example for the 28 employees he oversees.

“All the housekeepers, they had fear about going into those rooms,” Juvle said. ”Since I’m the leader, I had to show them what needs to be done — so I went in the rooms with them, showing them what to do, to support them and boost morale. If they have the guts to do it, why wouldn’t I?”

Juvle made a point to chat with every COVID-19 patient whose room he visited and encouraged his staff to do the same. He didn’t want anyone to feel unwelcome, especially as they suffered through treatment without visitors.

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