EvergreenHealth Prepares Patients, Community in Light of Severe Storm Warning - Oct. 13-16 - Archived

The National Weather Service has issued a series of warnings about early season, strong Pacific storm systems that will affect our region.

At this time, EvergreenHealth has no plans to close locations or cancel services; but this is subject to change based on the impact of the storm. Patients and community members are encouraged to call Healthline at 425.899.3000 for questions about practice closures, surgery schedules and if they need to reschedule any appointments due to the inability to travel.

Additionally, members of the community can check the EvergreenHealth website and social media for any updates of closures or changes to schedules.


EvergreenHealth offers these general readiness tips to help our community prepare for the approaching storm and other winter events:

  • Fill your gas tank and keep it full. Gas stations cannot pump gas if the power fails.
  • Keep an emergency bag in your car. Stock it with a warm coat, hat, gloves, dry socks and insulated shoes or boots, and a blanket or sleeping bag. Remember to keep some protein bars, beef jerky or dried fruit, and bottled water with you should you become stranded. If you travel with children in the car, be sure to have supplies for them as well.
  • Dress in layers. Keep clothing loose fitting so that air can circulate in between layers. Wool and Polypro are the best insulators
  •  If you are scheduled to work, bring a “go bag” stocked with personal supplies. Include PJs, extra uniform items, underwear and socks. If you take medication, be sure to keep a small supply for emergencies.
  • Plan for your pets; they get cold too! Make sure they are able to get somewhere off the ground if needed, and are insulated from the cold.
  • If your neighborhood is particularly affected, check on your neighbors, especially the elderly.