Our Birthing Suites

EvergreenHealth was the first hospital in the Seattle area to provide single-room maternity care - where labor, birth, recovery and postpartum care take place in one comfortable, spacious, private suite.

We also led the way in providing family-centered care, where family and friends can participate fully in the birth experience.

This philosophy respects each family's values, beliefs and choices, builds on individual and family strengths and involves patients and families in their health care.


image of Family Maternity Center birthing suite

Our 36 luxurious, home-like private suites feature all of the amenities to pamper you and your baby:

  • A birthing bed that adjusts for maximum comfort during labor
  • A private bathroom equipped with a whirlpool bath and shower
  • A rocking chair and sleeping area for your partner
  • A bassinet stocked with newborn supplies
  • A refrigerator to store your favorite snack or chill a celebratory beverage
  • An entertainment center with TV, VCR and stereo
  • Cherrywood cabinets containing concealed birthing equipment
  • Specially-equipped surgical suites for cesarean births are just steps away

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