Birth Certificates

Copies of your child’s legal birth certificate are available in person at King County’s Vital Statistics office, or you can call 206.296.4769 or visit their website for information.

EvergreenHealth does not have copies of your baby’s legal birth certificate, but we can try and answer your questions if you email us at

Below are answers to a few frequently asked questions that may be helpful.

How do I get my baby’s birth certificate?
You’ll need to submit a request to King County’s Department of Vital Statistics, along with a fee for each copy you’d like.

Certified birth certificates can be ordered in person, online, over the phone or by mailing your request.

We send new parents home with the appropriate paperwork—titled “Order for Certified Copy of Birth Certificate”—but you can also find this document along with detailed instructions online.

I received my baby’s birth certificate and there is an error. What should I do?
Please leave us a detailed message at 425.899.3510 or send a detailed email to describing the error. We will pull the original birth filing form to compare information.

If the mistake turns out to be a hospital error, we will submit an affidavit of correction to the state.

If it’s not a hospital error, you will need to fill out the reverse side of the birth certificate to correct the information before mailing all copies to the address listed.

In either case, as long as you spot the error within a few months of birth, Vital Statistics will replace all copies you’ve purchased as long as you return your original copies.

How do I apply for my baby’s Social Security card?
EvergreenHealth can apply for your baby’s Social Security card on your behalf.

All you need to do is check off the appropriate box on the birth filing form we ask you to fill out before leaving the hospital.

In very rare instances, we are unable to request a Social Security card—but rest assured that we will contact you if we have any questions or concerns.

How long does it take to get my baby’s Social Security card?
You should receive your baby’s Social Security card within eight weeks following birth.

If you do not receive the card in this time, please email us at or call us at 425.899.3510 so that we may verify the request before following up with the Social Security Administration.

Commemorative Birth Certificates

We are happy to provide you with a commemorative certificate celebrating your child's birth.

This certificate is a lovely addition to your baby book, but it is not a legal birth certificate and cannot be used for identification purposes, such as registering your child for school or youth sports, or for travel identification.

For more information on ordering a commemorative certificate, email