Meet the ARU Team

The Acute Rehabilitation Unit care team is made up of experts trained in intensive therapy.

They are backed by our acute rehabilitation medical director and can call on the expertise of other hospital departments as needed.

Rehabilitation Nurses provide 24/7 care for physical needs, medication administration, ongoing medical assessments and any necessary intervention.

Our nurses work collaboratively with the full integrated team to practice the highest safety standards for mobility, swallowing, fall prevention and skin care.

You and your family will receive training on bowel/bladder management, self-medication, fluid balance and nutritional needs.

Physical Therapists build functional mobility and ensure you can move safely.

You will learn proper body mechanics, increasing strength and endurance, and work to improve coordination, balance and range of motion.

Occupational Therapists assist in regaining independence by helping you practice daily living activities such as washing, dressing and eating.

They also focus on cognition, upper extremity strength and motor function, as well as return-to-work tasks.

Speech Pathologists evaluate and treat disorders of speech, language (including verbal and auditory comprehension and expression), reading comprehension, written expression, swallowing, cognition and social interaction.

Caregiver training is often an essential component.