Animal-Assisted Therapy

EvergreenHealth's Animal-Assisted Therapy teams provide companionship and unconditional support for our patients, Their visits help to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, blood pressure and the feeling of isolation.

They visit patients throughout our medical center and hospice care center in Kirkland. You can request a hospital visit by calling the volunteer department (425.899.1994); hospice patients and families can contact the floor staff.

Meet Our Animal-Assisted Therapy Teams

We are always in search of amazing teams to join our wonderful crew. 

Please contact us at 425.899.1028 or by email at if you and your therapy dog are interested in joining our program. 

Adele and Maggie Tai

Breed:  Adele is a standard poodle.
Favorite Toy: Tennis balls and anything soft that squeaks. 
Favorite Activity: Snuggling, running in the woods, playing in the snow. 
Greatest Accomplishments: Becoming a therapy dog and, before she was retired by her breeder, being a loving mom to four litters of poodle puppies. 
Handler: Maggie Tai
At EvergreenHealth Since: 2019


Beau & Julie

Breed:  Beau is a male Labrador Retriever.
Favorite Toy: Unstuffed toys with squeakers of course. 
Favorite Activity: Swimming and playing the chase game with other dogs, especially with my BFF, a chocolate lab named Mia. 
Favorite Treat: Bones. I love to chew on them. 
Greatest Accomplishments: Passing the Pet Partner evaluation and being a reading therapy dog at schools. 
Handler: Julie
At EvergreenHealth Since: 2014


Callie & Jim

Breed:  Callie is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. 
Favorite Toy: My squeaky spider. I love to throw him around by his arms and pounce on him! 
Favorite Activity: Helping folks feel better and listening to children read their favorite books to me. 
Favorite Treat: Nothing like a good bone! 
Greatest Accomplishment: Being a Reading with Rover and Pet Partner Therapy dog, of course! And most recently, volunteering at EvergreenHealth. 
Handler: Jim
At EvergreenHealth Since: 2013


Izzy & Sharon

Breed:  Izzy is a white Golden Retriever. (Yes, I’m an “English Cream”, my parents come from Spain & Finland.)
Favorite toy: A ball that crackles! 
Favorite activity: Tug and fetch, and spinning when I’m excited!
Favorite treat: Anything, but then I’m a golden retriever & we’re not discriminating in our food choices.
Greatest accomplishment: Learning my manners to become a Pet Partners team at 17 months of age so I could step into my best friend Sydney’s shoes and become one of the EvergreenHealth Animal Assisted Therapy teams. 
Handler: Sharon
At EvergreenHealth Since: 2018


Hugo & David

Breed:  Hugo is a black Standard Poodle
Favorite toy: Any sturdy toy that squeaks, although he is partial to toy frogs. 
Favorite activity: Hugo likes to hike and backpack. Poodles are cold water retrievers, and Hugo likes to play fetch with his ball in the park. 
Favorite treat: Hugo likes salmon skin fresh from the grill. 
Greatest accomplishment: Getting registered as a Therapy Dog by Pet Partners. During the certification test Hugo had to ignore the cutest toy frog he had ever seen. 
Handler: David
At EvergreenHealth Since: 2015


Joyce & Jeanne

Breed:  Joyce is a Golden Retriever/Labrador cross. 
Favorite Toy:  Any chew toy, or of course tennis ball in my mouth is always good. 
Favorite Activity: Swimming, swimming, swimming and fetching a tennis ball is a close second. 
Favorite Treat:  Any treat is great-after all, I’m a Golden Retriever/Lab cross and we like to eat! 
Greatest Accomplishment:  I almost made it as a Guide Dog for the Blind, but being a Pet Partners Therapy Dog is pretty great, too. 
Handler:  Jeanne
At EvergreenHealth Since: 2013


Magoo & Katherine

Breed:  Magoo is a mutt.
Favorite Toy: My stuffed flamingo.
Favorite Activity: Splashing in mud puddles.
Least Favorite Activity: Bath time.
My Story: I was a stray in LA where a kind person rescued me from the side of the freeway. A Seattle animal shelter fostered me until I found my forever home.
Handler: Katherine
At EvergreenHealth Since: 2018


Murphy & Nancy

Breed:  Murphy is a Leonberger who weighs 175 lbs.
Favorite Toy: I love any of my big, fluffy, squeaky toys...and oh yes, sticks!
Favorite Activity: I love being in the water - especially the lake. (But not taking baths)
Favorite treat: I don't play favorites with treats ~ I love whatever I'm getting at the moment!
Greatest Accomplishment: Training my owners to let me snuggle up on the bed, and rescuing drowning sticks from the lake.
Handler: Nancy
At EvergreenHealth Since: 2015


P.K., Dave & Suzanne

Breed:  P.K. is an English Black Lab.
Favorite Toy: Full size teddy bear that she happily unstuffed 
Favorite Activity: Eating, cuddling, and going to grandmas 
Favorite Treat: Any treat she is given and anything that drops on the floor 
Greatest Accomplishment: Passing Pet Partners therapy animal evaluation and eating her meals in 30 seconds or less. 
Handlers: Dave and Suzanne
At EvergreenHealth Since: 2014


Raven & Julie

Breed:  Raven is a Terrior/Choodle mix.
Favorite Toy: Brown teddy bear and squeaky orange rubber ball. 
Favorite Activity: Agility, going for walks and car rides, cuddling and meeting new people and making friends. 
Favorite Treat: Chicken or peanut butter treats and cheese 
Greatest Accomplishment: Becoming a Reading with Rover therapy dog. 
Handler: Julie
At EvergreenHealth Since: 2018


Scout & Teena

Breed:  Scout is a Lhasa Apso.
Favorite Toy: Her stuffed bone. 
Favorite Activity: Getting tummy rubs. She's a couch potato. 
Favorite Treat: Lammies 
Greatest Accomplishment: Being a Pet Partner Pup and helping people! Also being a retired champion show dog. 
Handler: Teena
At EvergreenHealth Since: 2015