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Training and Onboarding

Welcome to EvergreenHealth Hospice Volunteering!

There are two parts to becoming a credentialed volunteer with EvergreenHealth Hospice: training and onboarding. This page is for you to use after you have met with a Volunteer Coordinator and been registered for a Hospice Core Training class.

You can work through the information and tasks on this page at your own pace. There is no need to complete everything before you attend your training class.


Your training consists of Hospice Core Training, where you will meet the Volunteer Coordinators, some staff and volunteers, and other members of your class.

Please familiarize yourself with the Core Training Manual. It will help you prepare for your classes, reinforce what you have learned, and is an invaluable reference once you have started volunteering.

Next, watch these videos.

To Speak Up for Inclusion We Need to Speak About Inclusion

EvergreenHealth is committed to "living our values." "To Speak Up for Inclusion We Need to Speak About Inclusion" exemplifies our guiding principles for thoughtful patient care and a respectful workplace for all.

Hand Hygiene, Donning and Doffing Masks

Rigorous hand hygiene and proper donning and doffing of PPE are foundational to ensuring absolute safety for our volunteers, patients, and staff.

Teepa Snow: Accepting the Challenge!

Many, but not all, hospice patients live with dementia. Teepa Snow is a wonderful educator with a deep understanding of the experience of dementia and the unique care needs of those patients.

To finish your training, please sign the COVID 19 Attestation and Release, complete the Hospice Volunteering Core Training Test, and complete the Hospice Hand Hygiene checklist. Once you have completed those documents, you are officially trained!


To protect your health and safety, and the health and safety of our patients, please provide us with your complete immunization records. Please email those documents and the Hepatitis B Acknowledgement form to

We send your immunization records to Employee Health, and as soon as you are cleared by them, we initiate your background checks. The checklist is below.

To begin your background checks, please email a copy of your driver's license to, and fill out a Washington State Patrol background check authorization, and complete the Disclosure Statement. Documents regarding your national or international background check will be sent to you straight from our background check vendor.

Finally, it is time to fill out your EvergreenHealth Confidentiality and Security form, and your Volunteer Agreement.

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it to the end and are now an official member of our volunteer village. We are so happy you are joining us!

Please send an email to when you have submitted everything. One of us will be in touch to take you through your next steps.