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Levy-Funded Services

Do you know what health education classes, a telephone nurse service and supporting teens in crisis have in common?

They are just a few of the services funded by the community's levy dollars paid to King County Public Hospital District No. 2 – Evergreen Health. These programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of the growing and changing area that EvergreenHealth serves.

You won't find most of these programs offered by other health care organizations; EvergreenHealth is able to provide them because of the support received from the community.

How Levy Funds Are Allocated

Each program or service that requests levy funding must annually demonstrate the community need it addresses and detail program objectives, implementation plans and projected outcomes. Proposals are evaluated based on the need, and whether the overall benefit to the community justifies the resources.

EvergreenHealth's publicly elected Board of Commissioners has the final say on distribution of levy funds each year, based on the recommendations of a standing levy committee.

While some levy-supported programs specifically address the special needs of the under-served, the chronically ill, the disabled and high-risk populations, most of the programs are for use by the entire community. For instance, if you are one of the callers who receives help from the Evergreen Healthline, or a participant in our health education classes, you have benefited directly from levy-supported services.

For more information on EvergreenHealth's levy-funded services, please call (425) 899-2538.

Levy-Funded Program Directory

While some levy-supported programs specifically address the special needs of the under-served, the chronically ill, the disabled and high-risk populations, the majority of the programs benefit the entire community.

Here is a directory of our levy-funded programs:

Breaking Barriers to Health and Social Services

Community Healthcare Access Team (CHAT)

The Community Healthcare Access Team focuses on assessing and assisting community members in accessing healthcare resources, including long term care solutions, financial assistance, referrals to primary and specialty providers, and connecting members with insurance options. CHAT works in partnership with many community organizations to assist low-income and uninsured community residents who face barriers in accessing affordable health and social services.

Contact CHAT at (425) 899-3200 or send a referral to

Health Services for Seniors

EvergreenHealth Geriatric Care

EvergreenHealth Geriatric Care is a dedicated team that develops specialized treatment plans for older adults with complex health needs. This includes expert assessment and treatment of dementia with behavioral health problems.

The transitional care management program provides expanded support and resources for patients as they transition from the hospital to home, or between clinic visits. The goal of this program is to reduce hospital readmission rates by addressing health issues as they arise.

The Chronic Care Management program is a vital part of the services provided by EvergreenHealth Geriatric Care. It is recognized by Medicare as a program which provides comprehensive and individualized care planning and management of chronic conditions.

Contact Geriatric Care at (425) 899-6800.

Northshore Senior Center

EvergreenHealth levy funds provides health and wellness programs to older adults in the local community through the Northshore Senior Center and the Adult Day Health Center. The funding includes seven evidence-based programs such as NSC's Enhance® Wellness program, designed to decrease the length of participants' hospital stays, lower their psychoactive drugs, alleviate symptoms of mood disorders and encourages older adults to maintain control of their lives through a participant-center approach.

The levy funds also provide a social worker for mental health issues and assistance navigating social service resources, and support for older adults dealing with issues of depression or going through the grief process. Health-related support groups (such as diabetes, Parkinson's, etc.) are also offered on a regular basis.

Additionally, the levy-funded Adult Day Health Program provides occupational therapy for functionally impaired disabled adults, offering support to both seniors and their caregivers.

Community Health Needs

EvergreenHealth Nurse Navigator & Healthline

This free service of EvergreenHealth provides:

  • 24/7 access to consulting nurses
  • Physician referrals
  • Registration for EvergreenHealth classes
  • Community and support resources
  • Resources for moms and moms-to-be

Call (425) 899-3000 and follow the prompts.

Community Health Education Services

EvergreenHealth's Community Health Education Services provides hundreds of free and low-cost seminars, workshops and health classes each year that offer resources for living well. Whether it's cooking demonstrations to inspire healthy eating, exercise groups, emergency preparedness or parenting classes, the wide ranging curriculum addresses diverse needs and interests.

In 2020, many of the classes made the successful switch to an online format, bringing health education to participants virtually and safely.

Find a health class

Hospice Care Center

The Gene & Irene Wockner freestanding hospice center has 15 beds and serves hospice patients in King and Snohomish counties. It is the only hospice center in both counties. The Hospice Care Center provides eligible individuals short-term acute care, covered under the hospice benefit, with the goal of discharging home once symptoms have been stabilized.

For more information, call (425) 899-3300.

Palliative Medicine

Palliative Medicine is for people with serious illness. The Palliative Medicine team helps patients manage complex symptom management, navigate through a complex healthcare system, and helps with difficult medical decisions in the face of serious illness.

For more information, call (425) 899-3224.

Supporting the Community's Youth

Youth Mental Health First Aid

EvergreenHealth's Youth Mental Health First Aid training provides educators, coaches and other volunteers who work with students the tools to help adolescents experiencing a mental health crisis or addiction challenge.

Participants are taught how to recognize signs and symptoms of mental health challenges and crisis, what to say and how to talk with someone, and how to refer to professional resources for help. 

High School Mental Health Therapists

Levy dollars help the Northshore School District provide student access to mental health counselors. They meet individually and in small groups to address student needs. Supportive resources were also made available to students grieving the loss of a loved one.

Supporting Students in Crisis

EvergreenHealth social workers are paired with Lake Washington School District high schools to assess students with high-risk behaviors and mental health concerns. The EvergreenHealth social workers meet with students 1:1, conduct groups, provide support to parents, and coordinate with school officials to keep students safe and connected to community providers.

STEM Global Health Education Partnership

EvergreenHealth partners with our area school districts (Northshore, Lake Washington, Riverview) to provide high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to learn about global health initiatives through job shadowing, attending Grand Rounds and hearing from guest speakers.


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