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Environmental Stewardship

EvergreenHealth is proud to be recognized as a top local company for its conservation and recycling programs.

Conservation and Recycling

Recognizing that human health and environmental health are inextricably linked, EvergreenHealth is committed to being good stewards of the resources we use.

Working together, we have agreed to:

  • Meet or exceed all environmental laws and regulations
  • Conserve energy, water, materials, medical supplies and other resources
  • Minimize waste through source-reduction, reuse and recycling programs
  • Increase our purchases of environmentally friendly and/or local products and services
  • Empower our employees to innovate in ways that reduce our environmental impact
  • Recognize employees who support and enhance our organizational efforts of sustainability
  • Encourage and support efforts to use public and alternative methods of transportation
  • Educate our patients, employees and community about the environmental and health benefits of sustainability at work and at home

Green Team Initiatives

The employee-led Green Team keeps staff and the community updated about what can be recycled, bringing the whole green philosophy to employees, patients and visitors.


EvergreenHealth is reducing its carbon footprint by encouraging alternative transportation options through van/car pooling, discount bus passes and incentives for biking and walking to work. Secure bike lockers are available on campus, as well as EV charging stations.

Energy Conservation

The Facilities department has implemented energy efficiencies and recycles all its fluorescent light bulbs.


While recycling has been the norm for years at the hospital, new efforts have expanded our programs and engaged/educated all staff, volunteers and the community in our sustainable efforts.

  • All areas of the hospital practice single stream recycling
  • Food services composts food scraps from food preparation
  • Recycling bins are a prominent part of the hospital cafeteria
  • Our battery recycling program keeps an estimated 0.85 – 1.5 tons of batteries out of landfills annually
  • Leftover or unused medical supplies are routinely donated to third world countries
  • Unneeded nursery equipment is sent to a hospital in Uganda

We're proud that our recycling volumes are to the point where we will be recycling more of our waste stream than sending to landfills.

Healthy Food Pledge

In 2012, the Food Services department signed the Healthy Food Pledge to support procurement of local, nutritious, sustainably produced food and demonstrates a commitment to "first, do no harm" as part of a whole hospital approach to preventive medicine that protects the health of patients, staff and communities.

Earth Day Fair

The Green Team organizes the annual Earth Day Fair where local environmental organizations and hospital vendors educate on how we can reduce our environmental footprint at both home and work.


EvergreenHealth is a member of Practice Greenhealth, a nationally recognized organization whose mission is to help healthcare organizations supercharge their operational efficiency, increase regulatory compliance and improve the health of their communities.

Since 2010, EvergreenHealth has been honored with Practice Greenhealth's annual "Partner for Change Award" in recognition of outstanding environmental achievements in the health care sector. Locally, we are recognized by King County as a "Best Workplace for Recycling and Waste Reduction."