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Nurses clapping and being recognized

Nursing Excellence Awards

Nurses are the key to our outstanding patient care.

EvergreenHealth's annual Nursing Excellence Awards recognize exceptional registered nurses who have performed beyond expectations and who have contributed to nursing as a profession. 

Individuals are nominated by their peers, and award recipients are selected by nursing managers and supervisors. They are honored during our Nurses Week celebration in May.

Award categories & recipients

Clinical Practice
Practices evidence-based care, understands standards of care for their specialty area and promotes health and well-being in an acute care setting through the care they provide to the patient/family.
2021 Recipient: Hanna Kelker, RN, CVNS

Creativity & Innovations in Care
Functions as an agent of change, works to improve outcomes and the patient experience by leveraging technology, promotes "out of the box" thinking to improve care and/or support process improvement.
2021 Recipient: Christopher Yagumyum, RN – Home Health

Inspiring & Motivating
Optimistic and enthusiastic, supporting positive change and empowers others through shared decision making to practice at their highest level.
2021 Recipient: Siobhan Brosnan, RN – Neuroscience Institute

Communication & Collaboration
Functions effectively with nursing and interpersonal teams, noted for being a team player by fostering open communication, mutual respect and shared decision-making to achieve quality patient care.
2021 Recipient: Nancy Wilde, RN – Quality

Patient & Family Advocate
Promotes, advocates for and endeavors to protect the well-being, safety and rights of the patient and their family while being culturally sensitive.
2021 Recipient: Nathalie Audette, RN – ICU

Mentoring & Resource Person
Provides positive professional influence, guidance and support of other nurses, shares knowledge, coaching others to succeed.
2021 Recipient: Ella Polotanu, RN – MedSurg

Preceptor & Education
Serves as a role-model for the profession, maintains professional accountability by continued learning and addresses individualized learning needs, demonstrates innovation in teaching and provides feedback that encourages and promotes growth.
2021 Recipient: Thelma Panganiban, RN – Surgical Services

Rising Star
Recognizes an RN who is within the first 18 months of practice. This person demonstrates exceptional qualities that embody the best of nursing through outstanding caring, leadership and professionalism.
2021 Recipient: Lilly Moyer, RN – Emergency Department

Continuum of Care
Integrates evidence-based knowledge in a patient-oriented system that supports ongoing access to care and health maintenance serving patients in non-hospital settings such as skilled nursing centers, assisted living, home health, public health and hospice.
2021 Recipient: Adriane Martinez, RN – Home Health

Behavioral Health
Focuses their work on health and wellness promotion through identification, prevention, care and treatment of individuals with mental health, addictive and behavioral health needs.
2021 Recipient: Sarah Legat, RN – MedSurg

Ambulatory Care
Integrates clinical knowledge and skills in the care of patients in an outpatient setting, understands the standards of care for a diverse setting, promotes health and well-being of individuals, families and the community.
2021 Recipient: Donnianne Noble – Postpartum Care