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Top Docs Recognition

We have hundreds of top doctors at EvergreenHealth, and some of them have been selected by publications as best in their field.

We salute all of our providers for their incredible commitment and dedication to making our healthiest best possible.

Seattle Magazine's 2021 "Top Docs"

Allery & Immunology
Michael Weiss, MD

Cancer Specialties: Gynecologic Oncology
Charles Drescher, MD
Chirag Shah, MD
Dan Veljovich, MD

Cancer Specialties: Hematology
Michele Frank, MD

Cancer Specialties: Radiation Oncology
Michael Hunter, MD

Cardiology Specialties: Cardiovascular Disease
Mark Vossler, MD

Cardiology Specialties: Interventional Cardiology
Edward Kim, MD

Cardiology Specialties: Pediatric Cardiology
Mark Lewin, MD
Jack Salerno, MD
Stephen Seslar, MD

Cardiology Specialties: Thoracic & Cardiac Surgery
Robert Binford, MD
Michal Hubka, MD
David Nelson, MD

Colon & Rectal Surgery
Oliver Biggers, MD

Diagnostic Radiology
Maria Chong, MD
Lloyd Stambaugh, MD
Mark Zobel, MD

Family Medicine
Amy Hoing, MD

Geriatric Medicine
Anslem Opitoke, MD

Hand Surgery
Todd Guyette, MD
Grant Lohse, MD
Loryn Peterson, MD

Hospice & Palliative Care
Hope Wechkin, MD

Infectious Disease
Peter Hashisaki, MD
Francis Riedo, MD

Internal Medicine
James Lund, MD

Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Carolyn Kline, MD

Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
Dyan Simon, MD

Bart Keogh, MD, PhD
Harold Prow, MD

Orthopedic Surgery
Camille Clinton, MD

Otolaryngology (ENT)
Jennifer Heydt, MD
Samson Lee, MD

Mitchel Weinberg, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Douglas Burns, MD

Plastic Surgery
George Min, MD

Reproductive Endocrinology
Kathleen Lin, MD

Adel El-Ghazzaway, MD
Marion Johnson, MD

Vascular & Interventional Radiology
William Crenshaw, MD
Sanjiv Parikh, MD

Vascular Surgery
Brian Ferris, MD
Kathleen Gibson, MD
Renee Minjarez, MD

Seattle Met Magazine's 2021 "Top Doctors & Nurses"

Bob Adams, DO
Kurt Anderson, MD
Analisa Armstrong, MD
Bhawna Arya, MD
David Baker, MD
Sean Batson, MD
John Beck, MD
Timothy Billings, PA-C
Robert Binford, MD
Amy BonDurant, MD
Christopher Boone, MD
John Brockenbrough, MD
James Bruckner, MD
Michael Bundesmann, MD
Douglas Burns, MD
Thomas Chi, MD
Maria Chong, MD
Kelly Clinch, MD
Camille Clinton, MD
Michael Codsi, MD
Cara Cook, ARNP
William Crenshaw, MD
Amy Criniti, MD
Maia Davis, MD
Steven Dawson, MD
Shelby Dobbs, PA-C
Charles Drescher, MD
Mitra Ehsan, MD
Eric Eisen, MD
Adel El-Ghazzawy, MD
K. David Epley, MD
Mary Farnham, ARNP
Taylor Fowers, PA-C
Mark Freeborn, MD
Robin Fuchs, MD
Samuel Galle, MD
Daniel Gavrila, MD
Robert Geise, MD
William Getchell, MD
Kathleen Gibson, MD
Sarah Goble, PA-C
Daniel Graesser, MD
Garrett Gray, PA-C
Ronald Gregush, MD
Todd Guyette, MD
Katherine Hall, PA-C
Kevin Hanson, MD
Peter Hashisaki, MD
Dustin Hayward, MD
Jennifer Heydt, MD
Roxanne Horwath, PA-C
Michal Hubka, MD
Jonah Hulst, MD
Dana Jergens-Zmuda, PA-C
Laura Johnson, MD
Marion Johnson, MD
Harry Kahn, MD
Claudia Kalotay, PA-C
Lindy Klaff, MD
Thomas Knipe, MD
Samuel Koo, MD
Jonathan Kopelovich, MD
Kimberly Krabill, MD
Jennifer Krick, PA-C
Peter Lallas, DPM
Jennifer Lee, MD
Samson Lee, MD
Yung Lee, DO
Edward Leonard, II, MD
Jean-Christophe Leveque, MD
Mark Lewin, MD
Timothy Locknane, MD
Grant Lohse, MD
Diego Lopez de Castilla, MD
Scott Louis, MD
John MacDonald, III, PA-C
John Manning, MD
Nancy Marshall, MD
Silas Marshall, MD
Ryan Mather, PA
Darci Mayette, PA-C
Michael Mena, MD
Dayne Mickelson, MD
George Min, MD
Renee Minjarez, MD
Brendon Moodley, DPM
Fernanda Musa, MD
Tyler Nathe, MD
David Nelson, MD
Kellen Nold, PA-C
John Palmer, PA-C
Eric Pan, MD
Sanjiv Parikh, MD
Ashit Patel, MD
Komal Patil-Sisodia, MD
Loryn Peterson, MD
Francis Riedo, MD
Neil Roberts, MD
Matthew Robon, MD
Bruce Rolfe, MD
Adam Rothenberg, MD
Michael Sailer, MD
Jack Salerno, MD
Monirath Saly, MD
Cameron Schick, MD
Trevor Scott, MD
Adam Simon, PA-C
Dyan Simon, MD
Laura Skanse, PA-C
Jeff Stepanian, PA-C
Addison Stone, MD
Vivian Stone, MD
Alison Stout, DO
Jan Stroh, MD
Brian Sung, MD
Reza Tabibi, MD
Mary Thayer, MD
Anh Truong, MD
Linda Van Hoff, ARNP
Jason Van Winkle, MD
Dan Veljovich, MD
Craig Villari, MD
Mark Vossler, MD
Brad Watkins, MD
Joel Weber, MD 
Hope Wechkin, MD
Robert Weinsheimer, MD
John Whittington, MD
Nathan Williams, PA-C
Joseph Woodward, MD
William Young, Jr., MD
Daniel Zeitler, MD
Roger Zundel, MD

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