About our Wait Times

We provide average wait times as an informational service.

These approximate times are based on a rolling average that is updated every five minutes and may not represent the actual current activity or wait time at our facilities.

The wait times displayed here represent the time it takes from a patient’s check in at an emergency room or urgent care until the patient is placed in a room.

All patients are first assessed by a clinical professional and then triaged according the nature and severity of illness or injury.

Please note that the nature of your illness, along with the severity of the conditions of other patients, could affect your specific wait time.

Average wait times are provided as estimates only and do not reflect the overall time that you may spend in our care.

Depending on the nature of your illness or injury, and the unpredictable volume of patients requiring emergency care at any given time, the wait time and duration of your visit will vary.

Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA): Anyone who comes to our emergency department for examination and/or treatment of any emergency medical condition or for active labor will receive examination, stabilization treatment and/or transfer as determined by the patient's needs and the capabilities of the hospital. The provision of emergency services and care shall not be based upon, nor affected by, the person's race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, sex, pre-existing medical condition, physical or mental handicap, insurance status or ability to pay for medical services.