4-Dimensional Respiratory Gating

Another unique feature of EvergreenHealth's state-of-the-art Varian Trilogy ® linear accelerator is respiratory gating - the ability to time radiation treatment around a patient's breathing.

This is a breakthrough for treatment of lung and breast cancers, where treatment must take into considering the movement of the tumor during breathing.

And if the tumor is located on the left side of the chest, you want to shield heart as much as possible from the radiation.

Two state-of- the art technologies - the GE 16 slice wide-bore CT scanner (used for treatment planning) and the Varian Trilogy's onboard image guidance system - are used before every radiation treatment to accurately measure the patient's range of motion and the daily position of the tumor as the patient breathes. 

That allows us to customize the treatment field and choose the right position to fire the radiation beams during the breathing sequence.

During treatment, the radiation beam is continuously turning on and off to synchronize the delivery of radiation with the patient's breathing.

Patient Story

Image of Paula Chiles, whose breast cancer was successfully treated with respiratory gating radiation oncology at the Halvorson Cancer Center, located at EvergreenHealth near Seattle in Kirkland, WA.

Paula Chiles

(breast cancer) A new treatment technique, respiratory gating, protected Paula Chiles' heart from the cancer-killing radiation beams.

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