Haley Pierce, RN

Read her nomination story:

After my total knee replacement, Haley went above and beyond in my care. This was my second TKR and my stay in the hospital was very different than the first time.

The first time I spent about 12 hours at a pain level of 7-9, crying uncontrollably and begging the night nurse for help. I ended up trying to do PT with no pain meds and failed miserably.

During the second TKR, I was really nervous and scared about managing the pain. Haley and the night nurse came to my rescue. They made sure my pain meds were on time and I had what I needed. When things started going downhill, and the cramping started they communicated with the doctor and got what was needed for better control of the pain.

Haley also coordinated with PT so that I would be at the best point in the pain control cycle to accomplish my PT. This amazing nurse also was compassionate when I lost it because I was in the hospital and wanted to go home. I went home when my body was ready and my PT at an appropriate place. You can’t ask for a better and more compassionate nurse.