Brandi Schlembach, RN

Read her nomination story:

I brought my sister in who was overdosing on heroin. The doctor and nurses listened to my concerns, treated her with such dignity and compassion and went above and beyond to address not only my concerns but my sisters as well.

My sister did not want to be seen for OD'ing. She had been stabbed in the hand a few days before and I was able to convince her that we were just having her hand checked out not for drugs. The staff took such great care to address her hand and her drug problem without making her feel like just another homeless junkie. The compassion and care we received that day was a renewed faith in humanity and in Evergreen Health itself. My sister could not stop talking about how the entire staff treated her as another sick person and not someone less than. Thank you so much for going above and beyond and taking what was a terrible day and giving my family assistance when we needed it the most. You guys rock!!

Brandi also listened to my concerns about my sister, spoke with the doctor and had the doctor come speak with me. She was so compassionate and kind toward my sister. She made sure she was comfortable and well cared for while we were in the ER. Thank you so much for the amazing care-you deserve some awards for compassion and kindness! We will never forget the kindness you showed us that day!